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Netwrap and Twine

We are currently an authorized dealer with the Dennis Jones Twine Company, that has been in business for over 50 years. We personally have been using the twine since 2009. Out of all the different brands of netwrap we have used before, we feel this netwrap has provided the best quality for our operation. It has good UV resistance, is color-coordinated with a red/blue stripe on each end to provide an easier ability to unroll the bale, and we have had no trouble with wrapping on rollers.

Certain specials on netwrap will be offered periodically throughout the year. Refer back to the website or call for current prices.

Current Price: $245 per Roll

Specials: Pallet (16 Rolls), $230 per Roll

Tested by the Pros!

For more information: Dennis Jones Twine Company Website

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